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Seven Deadly Sins: A Fight For Dominance

will you join the battle?

7 Deadly Sins
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The world has come to a dark time, where temptation becomes harder to avoid. Angels and demons have always been at war with each other, but evil has become stronger and humans are misled easily. This is a battle of dominence. Angels & Demons - Will You Join the Battle?


Angel: a spiritual being serving God especially as a messenger or as a guardian of people
Conscience: the sense or consciousness of the moral goodness or badness of one's own conduct, intentions, or character altogether with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good
Demon: an attendant power or spirit; an evil spirit
Devil: the personified supreme spirit of evil often represented in Jewish & Christian belief as the ruler of hell
Heaven: a spiritual state of everlasting communion with God
Hell: a state or place of punishment for the wicked after death: the home of evil spirits
Sin: an offense against God
Temptation: the act of enticing to do wrong by promising pleasure or gain

001. First, you must choose what jrocker you want to be and whether you want to be an angel, a demon, or a human, then fill out the application. Please check the claims list.
002. You can have up to 2 muses maximum
003. You must have a livejournal for your jrocker.
004. You must post at least twice a month in your muse(s)'s journal.
005. Only 7 people be an angel or demon.
006. If you're a demon, you must pick a Deadly Sin to be your strongest trait, for they all have a hint of the other sins, but one stands out. For example, if you are the demon of gluttony, you would pressure humans to eat more than they should and your muse would be a glutton as well. As for angels, you would be the opposite of the sin.
007. Humans can be killed and judged to be an angel or demon, depending on what they have done in the past. But they will not have a title like chasity or pride.
008. Angels and demons can be changed to good or evil. For example, an angel could talk to a demon and somehow convince them to do good. Then, they can become an angel.
009. You must have some sort of instant messanger name for either MSN or AIM (AOL instant messagener).
010. If you're going on hiatus, please make a post on the community on how long you will be away.
011. You must wait at least a week before reclaiming/claiming a dropped or cut muse.
012. No flaming, no spamming, and always be polite. If you break this rule, you will get a warning. If this continues, you will be kicked out the whole thing.
013. Make sure that all post are friends only including your journal.
014.If you ever need help, don't be scared, make a post.
015. Most importantly, HAVE FUN with IT!

Death System

If a human gets killed, it is decided by the head angel and demon whether they should be a demon or an angel.
If an angel is killed by another angel, it becomes human, but the killer will become a demon, because it is a sin.
If a demon is killed by another demon, they become human as well.
If an angel or demon kill their opposite, like an angel kills a demon, then they are permanently gone. Depending on the situation, the angel can be punished for their deeds.
A human cannot kill an angel. If they kill a demon, the demon will become permanently dead.
Demons and angels can be resurrected by a human if the mun agrees to bring back their muse.

Posting Notes

~ All muns have the right to see all posts.
~ Angels are only able to respond to other angel and human posts.
~ Demons are only able to respond to other demon and human posts.
~ Humans are only able to respond to other human posts.

Put this application as a new post on the community and insert the word "feather" in the subject, so I know you read the rules.

When you post, take out the spaces. ^^

envy (generosity) is a painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to pass the same advantage

gluttony (repulsion) is excess in eating or drinking

greed (temperence) is excessive or blameworthy acquistiveness; wanting more than one needs or more than one's fair share

lust (aversion) is usually intense sexual desire

pride (humility) is the quality or state of being proud

sloth (willingness) is laziness, not willing to act or work

wrath (love) is violent, vengeful anger

If you ever need anything or have any questions, just contact Miko [kyoofwriting382], your mod.

Want to be affliated? Email me at blackfeather06 [at] hotmail [dot] com

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