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[m0d] Community Update


Sorry the community is a little silent lately, but I'm hoping to fix that. I have changed a few rules on the profile page, so please read it carefully. I'd also like to have a co-mod to watch over the community in case I can't fulfill my duties and such. So, if you're interested, please comment to this entry. Lastly, I'm going to do some cuts, so direct yourselves to the quick add/remove page to update your list. Or simply remove them from this list:

Aoi [breedofjealousy]
Hizumi [lazyxbastard]
Kaoru [onlytemptation]
Kisaki [kisaki_journal]
Mana [averseddesire]
Mao [masterofromance]
Shinya [applebath]
Takumi [repulsedlolita]
Toshiya [envious_blue]

~ Miko S.
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